30 May 2011

Lifting Unemployment - Time to Rethink How

Unemployment has risen to 25% within the first quarter of 2011. This figure is the highest in a selection of 11 developing nations with the runner up being Tunisia at 14% (CIA World Factbook). We may feel we have our hands tied, but there is something that each citizen and company in South Africa can do to alleviate this situation. Our intervention is in fact critical to the improvement of our economy.

“One solution is for us to move away from our narrow employment model and to think more creatively about how we can actively look for ways to create employment” says Zelda Pieters, Director of HR Inspiration.

“This need not necessarily be about creating new jobs, but is rather centered on assessing current job profiles and the way in which we recruit outsourced service providers”

Restructure Flexible Duties

There will always be those roles that simply cannot be altered or shared by more than one person. However in roles where some duties may be flexible, creating a new job, even if it is for a half day position, will not only give you access to a greater pool of talent, but could boost productivity and enhance performance.

Support the Little Guy

So many small companies are sidelined as they appear not large or robust enough to deliver services to larger organizations. By allowing a collection of micro enterprises to tender for work as a united front – thereby ensuring you still have access to a range of skills and services, the burgeoning number of SMME’s post the massive retrenchments in recent years are supported and allowed to thrive.

Re-invest Yourself in Others

“On more than one occasion in your career, there is no doubt that someone has taken the time to invest in the development of your skills and asked for nothing in return” says Zelda. “Giving back to your country by doing the same can have an incredibly valuable impact” she says.

Opening up your company to job shadowing or causal employment opportunities allows you and your team to up-skill your community which will bring them nearer to gainful employment and assist you in achieving your CSI and BEE targets, as well as making you feel simply great!

Think Creatively

The onus is not just on employers to make a difference – but the individual as well.

Micro enterprises need to network and present themselves as a united front to larger organizations, while unemployed individuals with specialised skills need to think of positive out-the-box ways to market themselves to employers – expecting not necessarily the corner office, but whatever opportunities are presented to them.

Companies who require assistance in restructuring job profiles and individuals who are seeking career guidance are invited to contact Zelda Pieters, Director and registered Industrial Psychologist of HR Inspiration for further guidance or a one-on-one consultation. Please contact her telephonically on +27 21 930 9022 or via email at zelda@hrinspiration.co.za. Visit our website to view our complete range of services. www.hrinspiration.co.za